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Hulk 271 rocket raccoon appearance Fine

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Synopsis for "Now Somewhere In the Black Holes of Sirius Major There Lived a Young Boy Name of Rocket Raccoon!"Edit

The Hulk awakens on Halfworld - a planet populated by sentient, talking animals. Two of the natives, Rocket Raccoon and Wal Rus discover him and try to make sense of the Hulk's presence. The Hulk decides that he likes these two critters and helps defend them against a powerful tank called a Robomower. The three of them flee into Rocket's space ship the Rakk 'n' Ruin and blast off. Rocket Raccoon explains to the Hulk that Halfworld is threatened by an insidious mole named Judson Jakes. Jakes seeks to acquire the fabled Gideon's Bible, which he believes will enable him to conquer not only Halfworld, but the entire Keystone Quadrant. The Hulk agrees to help Rocket and Wal Russ safeguard Gideon's Bible from Judson Jakes clutches.

On Earth, Betty Ross is in the old cave sanctuary in the deserts of New Mexico. Lying on the floor before her is Rick Jones who has just suffered a massive overdose of Gamma radiation. Betty's panic is interrupted by the arrival of the bird-woman Bereet. Bereet is reluctant to aid Rick Jones as it goes against the Krylorian Code, but as she has frequently rebelled against the code, she decides to use the technology at her disposal to help Rick.

Back on the Rakk 'n' Ruin, Rocket Raccoon flies to the Cuckoo's Nest, where he discovers that Judson Jacks has not only stolen Gideon's Bible, but he has also kidnapped Rocket's girlfriend Lylla as well. The three board the ship once again and head towards Judson's satellite headquarters, the Spacewheel.

While Rocket Raccoon desperately searches for Lylla, the Hulk has an encounter with Judson's chief scientist Uncle Pyko. Pyko knows that the Hulk's prodigious strength would give the opposition a great advantage, so he convinces the Hulk to return home to Earth. He provides the Hulk with the means to teleport his body back to his homeworld. Rocket Raccoon meanwhile gets the drop on Judson Jacks. Not only does he recover Gideon's Bible, but he also succeeds in rescuing Lylla.

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